Thursday, March 6, 2014

Heavy Hitter

Adam Rader admitted to me that he isn't a fan of baseball. The head brewer of the Ottawa Mill Street Brew Pub just likes to make good beer.

That didn't stop the marketing folks at Mill Street, who learned that Adam's latest brew has all about grapefruit, from launching this Imperial Pale Ale on the opening day of baseball's Grapefruit League spring training or from giving that name.

Whether Adam likes baseball or not, he hit this one out of the park.
Grapefruit League Imperial Pale Ale (7% ABV)
Mill Street Brew Pub
Ottawa, ON
Beer O'Clock rating: 4.5
Appearance: amber-orange with a foamy, beige head that starts big and settles to a thin cap.

Nose: orange rind and hops.

Palate: intense grapefruit rind, acidic grapefruit, and sharp hops bring this ale to a big finish. Like a grand slam.

Overall impression: this heavy hitter will be a home run for those who enjoy a big pale ale with lots of hops. Adam used lots of Cascade hops in this brew, and I'm reminded of Amsterdam's Bone Shaker or Flying Monkeys' Smash Bomb. Grapefruit League is bitter without overpowering.

You can enjoy this ale, on tap, at the Ottawa brew pub, where you can also pick up a growler. But for a limited time only.