Monday, December 3, 2012

BC, Berries, and Beer

Months ago, I was told that I should get my hands on beer from British Columbia because, I was told, it is awesome.

So, in July, I got my hands on a raspberry porter that supported that claim. It was pretty awesome.

So when I saw another fruit porter in the LCBO, I jumped on it. And it was another porter, so I expected more awesomeness.
Blackberry Porter
Cannery Brewing Company
Penticton, BC
LCBO: $5.80, 650 ml; 6% ABV; 45 IBU
Colour: deep brown with a foamy, light-brown head.

Nose: intense cassis with a light malt aroma

Palate: sweet coffee and sour, bitter fruit; hints of tannin and a metallic finish

Other notes: when I first tasted this porter, I thought there was a flaw in the bottle. At first, I sensed a slight acetone flavour, but I later identified it as metal, like iron. My second bottle also had this flavour. Although this is a strong porter, the alcohol is well-balanced.

Overall impression: although I liked this porter, there was something in the finish that gave me pause, and so I'm not going to call it awesome. It was good. The nose is incredible and enticing and I enjoyed the malty flavours. I'm glad I tried this beer and am looking forward to trying their scotch ale, also available at the LCBO.

My rating: 3/5

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