Friday, May 9, 2014

The Logical Ale

Every once in a while, when I'm in the LCBO, searching for a new beer to try, one will jump out at me and scream, "Buy me. Drink me."

It's not something that I say often, but I'm a big Star Trek fan. Like, really big. I have seen every episode of the original series, countless times; seen every episode of The Next Generation, countless times; every episode of Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. As a child, I saw a few episodes of the animated series, but it wasn't readily available after its first run. But I'd watch it now, if given the opportunity.

I've read several Star Trek novels. I've seen every movie. I have even owned Star Trek mugs, utensils, and action figures (I even had the bridge of the Enterprise for the action figures, complete with transporter). I have built many models of the U.S.S. Enterprise—stashed in my basement are three starships (the original NCC-1701, A, and D), mounted together on a stand that looks like The Next Generation insignia/communicator.

I even had a Star Fleet uniform from The Next Generation, which I wore for Hallowe'en over a couple of years.

I'm an unapologetic Star Trek geek.

So, when I entered an LCBO in the Quinte Mall, in Belleville, and saw a particular can of ale, with a hand raised,  palm outward, fingers spread to make a V, I had to have it.

It was the only logical thing to do.
Vulcan Ale (5.4% ABV)
Pluto's Moon Beer Company
Calgary AB
Beer O'Clock rating: 3.5
Appearance: deep amber with brownish-red highlights, much like the surface of Vulcan. A deep-taupe head that starts as a thick foam and settles to a creamy cap.

Nose: orange citrus with mild hops and a milder malt. A hint of caramel.

Palate: big, malted body, with caramel, apricot, and a slight pine finish that is lightly bitter.

Overall impression: all of the flavours meld into a mind-blowing, cohesive, full-bodied ale. This variation of an Irish Red is the logical choice for relaxing at home with friends, but it's tough to keep your emotions in check.

Vulcan ale was brewed to celebrate the 2013 centennial of the town of Vulcan, Alberta. That's where they have a honkin' model of the Enterprise.

Live long and prosper (I mean, cheers!).

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