Thursday, April 23, 2015

Smart Beer

With patio season approaching, I'm looking for the perfect beer to have outdoors on a hot, sunny day. (I'm also looking for the best patios in Ottawa, to come in an upcoming post.) Often, I find an easy-drinking, thirst-quenching brew to be my go-to ale through the summer.

I think I found mine when it was still winter.

I enjoyed it in one of my favourite pubs in Ottawa, the Arrow & Loon, and remarked at how full-flavoured it was for a beer with such a low alcohol level. It's a great session ale.

It's a smart beer.

I was thoroughly disappointed, a couple of weeks ago, when the man behind the bar told me that the kegs of this ale were gone, that it was a seasonal. Being denied another pint made me want it more.

And then I saw it, in the LCBO, in a six pack. And I was happy beyond belief.
Genius of Suburbia (3.8% ABV)
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
Barrie, ON
Appearance: rich, golden-yellow, with a foamy, white head that stays solid for most of the ride to the bottom of the glass.

Nose: lemon citrus and straw. Over time, a touch of honey and melon.

Palate: lush hops, with a delicate bitterness and a seemingly full body--you sip this and you find it easy to swallow, but hard to swallow the fact that it's only 3.8 percent alcohol. It has a refreshing finish.

Overall impression: as I said, in the late winter, I picked this ale as my go-to summer beer. It's incredibly drinkable and I could while the day away on a patio, easily consuming this, enjoying the flavours and the fact that I won't get wasted.

Flying Monkeys is quickly becoming one of my favourite Ontario breweries. If you haven't familiarized yourself with them, Genius of Suburbia is a great introduction. And, with all Flying Monkeys packaging, it's easy to spot.

Picking up a six pack would be smart: genius, even.

Beer O'Clock rating: 4


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