Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hopsta La Vista

You know that adage, if you say you're cool, you're not?

That saying can be applied to a brewery or a beer.

In all fairness, this Toronto brewery doesn't actually say that it's cool, but their busy can does try very hard to look cool, with it's picture of brewer, Jimmy Peat, and the claim that this "fun-loving" brewery has created a recipe that will remind you that "beer is awesome."

"... you'll be back!" they add. The play is on Arnold Schwarzenegger, as The Terminator, telling a police sergent, "I'll be back." The name of this IPA also comes from a play on another quip from that iconic movie.

But is this a killer beer? Is it even cool? Let's see.
Hopsta La Vista India Pale Ale (6.5% ABV)
Longslice Brewery
Toronto ON
Appearance: bright, clear, orange-amber with a creamy, off-white head that pours thick and collapses to a solid foam cap.

Nose: earthy caramel and a slightly citrus aroma, though I found most of the bouquet was closed.

Palate: some malt, some hops, and little else. There is balance to the two main ingredients, but I would have liked to find more flavour. Where was the grapefruit? The alcohol comes out in the finish but is more palate-cleansing than boozy (which is a good thing).

Overall impression: I drank this IPA while I worked from home, during a conference call. The meeting was dull, so I made my notes in between following my computer screen and listening to the conversations.

The meeting wasn't the only thing that I found dull.

This ale may appeal to those who want to break from the doldrums of Molson and Labatt products. It has more mouth feel and packs a bit of a punch. But for craft-beer enthusiasts, it may come off as being pretty bland (in my view, of course). As an IPA-lover, I find this one ho-hum.

My first impression, from the design of the can, is that Longslice is trying too hard to appear cool, which isn't cool. (Visiting their Web site, my suspicions were confirmed.)

As for the "... you'll be back!"? No, I won't.

Beer O'Clock rating: 2


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