Monday, February 29, 2016

Naughty Otter

When you're always on the lookout for new flavours in craft beer, it's easy to forget that there are folks who just want something simple, something familiar. There are those who don't want to get fancy, who don't want brewers to get experimental or artsy-fartsy.

I respect the folks who know what they like and don't want to change. And there are some craft brewers who are catering to those tried-and-true methods to give those people what they want.

Enter a small Ontario town along the St.Lawrence River, Gananoque (pronounced "gan-ann-awk-way"), not far from Kingston, and its brewery of the same name. This brewery, which started up in 2011, makes a lager that everyone can enjoy.

Full disclosure: I am personally not a fan of lagers, but I can still drink one and appreciate it for what it is. My personal rating for this beer has been put aside and I have delivered a Beer O'Clock rating that I feel closely relates to what a lager-lover would rate this beer.

My tasting notes are my tasting notes, exactly as I tried the brew.
Naughty Otter Lager (5.2% ABV)
Gananoque Brewing Co.
Gananoque ON
Appearance: deep gold with a white head that settles to a fine lace.

Nose: grass, light citrus, and mild yeast.

Palate: a slight caramel or corn syrup flavour, mixed with light lemongrass. It has a well-balanced feeling in the mouth and leaves a medium finish.

Overall impression: I was reminded of an elevated Molson or Labatt product--if Blue or Canadian are your go-to beers, but you want to branch out into craft beer, this is definitely one to consider. It has mainstream flavours but with a bit more bite. It's exactly what I expect from a lager, so if a lager is your beer, this one should satisfy your thirst.

Would I try another brew from Gananoque? Absolutely. They can kick mainstream up a notch, and if they can deliver on a lager, I'm anxious to see what they can do with an IPA.

Beer O'Clock rating: 3.5


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