Thursday, July 28, 2016

Captain's Log

No, this isn't another STAR TREK-themed beer.

This lager is named in homage to an old lighthouse that signaled a port along the north shore of Lake Ontario, in the town of Oakville. And like that 1836 beacon, this can caught my eyes and drew me in.
Captain's Log Lager (5% ABV)
Cameron's Brewing
Oakville, ON
Appearance: clear, bright gold with a fizzy white head the disappeared like a ship in a fog. (Quickly.)

Nose: like a ship that secures its cargo, this lager had a tightly closed nose that did not offer up its secrets. Over time, I could only get faint hints of grass and barley, but not much else.

Palate: clean malt and a light body that made this lager sail smoothly down my throat. It's very easy to drink in any situation—those with a taste for easy-drinking beer will enjoy this lager. But for me, I would have liked to have had more flavour—full steam ahead, as it were.

Overall impression: this is such a simple lager that should appeal to all palates. It's unassertive, clean, and refreshing. A captain's log would be straightforward, without any rough seas.

Captain's Log is smooth sailing all the way.

Beer O'Clock rating: 2.5


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