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Yup, sometimes, there are beer labels that you can't pass up. Actually, you can, but why would you?

The other weekend, when the missus and I were out in the west end, looking for hardwood flooring, we found ourselves passing by a local brewery that I haven't visited in a couple of years. I decided, once the flooring shop was visited, to pay another visit to this brewer.

It's a place that's generally out of the way, so I took advantage of my situation (there's always a reason to stop for beer).

I was pleased to see that Covered Bridge Brewing had moved into using cans, as well as growlers, so I picked up a couple of cans from the four brews that were available in aluminum. I decided that I wouldn't review all of them but if another of the four moves me while I drink it, I'll do more reviews.

But first, I had to focus on this quirky-named ale.

The hipster dude makes me roll my eyes (when is that fad going to go away?) and the name of the beer would make me blush to say in public, but it's the style of the beer that I'm all about.
Lumbersexual Session IPA (3.5% ABV)
Covered Bridge Brewing Company
Stittsville, ON
Appearance: a cloudy deep-apricot, with an off-white to beige head that was thick and foamy, and settled to a solid cap, then dense lace.

Nose: orange peel and ruby-red grapefruit. It was powerfully fragrant, with solid hops.

Palate: at first, there was a watery lightness that disappointed me, but at the end the hops came through. On subsequent sips, the wateriness dissipated as the hops coated my tongue, though I still came back with the impression of a watered-down IPA. Only the low alcohol reassured me that it was also a session ale.

Overall impression: the nose was huge and powerful, like a lumberjack, but the palate was gentle, like a lover. I now get the name of this ale. But did I like it?

Yes, I did, once I got past the first mouthful and really started drinking it. It's refreshing and light—perfect for these hot, hazy summer days. And with the low ABV, it's something you can throw back without a care.

Beer O'Clock rating: 2.5

Currently, this beer is only available at the brewery, but because it's packaged in cans, I'm hopeful that it'll soon make its way to LCBO shelves.


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