Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Great Expectations

For some reason, I started thinking of Charles Dickens when I sat down to write this review.

I thought of Oliver Twist, with the famous "Please, sir, I want more," line, which then led to another of his works for the title of my post.

That's how this beer left me.

I had great expectations for this beer. In September, I tried a seasonal selection from this brewery that blew me away. There were intense flavours that left me wanting more. So, when the next seasonal for this brewery hit the shelves of the LCBO, I was excited about trying it.

I had great expectations.
Resurrection Roggenbier (5.2% ABV)
Cameron's Brewing Company
Oakville ON
Beer O'Clock rating: 2.5
Appearance: a murky caramel with a foamy, taupe head.

Nose: oaked malt, raisins, and toffee.

Palate: yeast, butter, malt, and light toffee, which culminate and then drop off into a watery finish.

Overall impression: I was really hoping for lots of flavour. This is a rye-styled ale, after all. The label is bold, but the beer is not. It's good, but after having Cameron's Obsidian Imperial Porter (hmm... that post also played on Dickens), I expected better.

As it is, Resurrection is an easy-going ale. But I wanted more: more flavour, more intensity.

I had great expectations. They weren't met.

It was good, and if you like beer that's not mainstream, this is worth a try. For myself, however, I won't be having more. But I certainly will try more beer from Cameron's.


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