Monday, November 11, 2013

Not Green Tom Beer

I've never really cared for Tom Green.

Of the few times that I saw him on TV, I never once laughed. I thought his comedy to be more along the lines of obnoxious behaviour rather than humourous antics.

So, when I heard that the Ottawa native had collaborated with Beau's to create a beer, I was initially dismissive. That is, until I heard that the beer was a milk stout.

I love milk stouts.

And, because I have a fondness for the weird one-offs of this Vankleek Hill brewery, I knew I had to give it a try. To give Tom Green a fair shake.
The Tom Green Beer! (5% ABV)
Beau's All Natural Brewing Company
Vankleek Hill ON
Beer O'Clock rating: 4
Appearance: dark walnut with a deep beige head that vanishes within a minute of being poured.

Nose: chocolate, coffee, and a slight hint of cedar.

Palate: semi-sweet chocolate, medium-roast coffee, and a mild finish.

Overall impression: this is a great milk stout with a good balance of chocolate and coffee. The body is light, which makes this stout extremely easy to drink.

As a milk stout, however, I would have liked to have experienced more body and robustness: possibly, a higher alcohol content may have helped. If you are familiar with the milk stout that is produced by Charlevoix (La Vache Folle), you'll know what I mean.

Beau's never ceases to surprise me with how they are willing to go out on a limb to produce some ales that are out of the ordinary. Bringing Tom Green into the mix raised my opinion of our local comedian: I now take him a little more seriously (I don't know how that helps his comedy, but for me there's nothing funny about beer).

It was good to see Tom promote the beer and give a shout out to Beau's last week on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Stock up on this great beer while you can.


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