Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Raspberries

Patio season has been open for more than a month, now, and yet I have only been on a patio once. I'm still looking to put together a list of the best patios in Ottawa, so I had better get out there and start using them.

I have, however, sat on my front porch, enjoying the setting sun, watching the bees in the garden and the kids playing out in our circle. My porch is great: set back from the garage, I'm hidden from cars that approach our cul-de-sac but I have an unobstructed view of the houses and people in our quiet suburban circle. And I can watch the setting sun.

It was a comfortably cool evening on Tuesday and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try the latest seasonal by Ottawa craft brewers, Bicycle. It had been a couple of seasons since I dropped in on brewers Fariborz and Laura, and it was high time that I paid a visit.

I'm glad I did.
Recumbent Raspberry (4.6% ABV)
Bicycle Craft Brewery
Ottawa ON
Appearance: a murky peach-orange with good effervescence, considering it came in a growler; a foamy white heat that picks up a pinkish hue and settles to a dense lace.

Nose: lush raspberries, light malt, and a hint of candied fruit.

Palate: tart raspberries with a nice balance between the fruit and hops (19 IBU) and a slightly sour finish.

Overall impression: I used to not be a fan of wheat ales, but it is just such a witbier that is bringing me around on the style. Well-balanced, fresh fruit flavours (although, these raspberries came from California), and a lingering finish—though I don't really care for sour beer—make this a very nice summer ale.

And, while I detected some sourness at first, as I drank more, the sourness mellowed and came across as more like tart raspberry, which is what I wanted.

The raspberry is an absolutely authentic flavour, so much so that I could actually believe that I was eating raw, fresh-grown raspberries while sipping this refreshing ale. There is no sweetness to this beer, just intense raspberry flavour.

And that's a very good thing.

I enjoyed drinking this beer, and enjoyed it all the more that I was having it outdoors, on my porch, with my cat for company.

Beer O'Clock rating: 3.5

Now that we're in the right season for drinking outdoors, do yourself a favour: pick up a growler of Recumbent Raspberries, sit out on your patio or front steps, and enjoy.


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