Thursday, June 4, 2015

Where Are The Raspberries?

Cycling the rural environs of this city, I have seen the farmers tilling their soil, getting in the crops. Usually, by this time, the raspberry bushes are full, the branches becoming heavy with the red berries that I love so much. But this year, I haven't seen a single raspberry field, have not read any signs by the side of the road, offering lush baskets.

Either the raspberry season is late, or it's not coming at all.

Luckily, the folks at Amsterdam Brewery are making up for the shortfall.

With their blend of Belgian wheat malts and a healthy dose of raspberries, one of my favourite Ontario breweries has produced a flavourful seasonal beer. Here's my review:
Framboise (6.5% ABV)
Amsterdam Brewery
Toronto, ON
Appearance: red amber with a foamy, pale-pink head that settles to a solid cap.

Nose: intense raspberries and light malt.

Palate: slightly sour raspberries that are reminiscent of a raspberry yogurt drink. A fruity finish with hints of lime. Not sweet at all.

Overall impression: if you love raspberries, and I do, this is a great ale to enjoy outside, on a warm spring day. And, because it's a seasonal, you won't get tired of it--you'll look forward to next year when it comes back.

However, as good as this fruit beer is, it's not something that I felt I could drink a lot of. It was sort of like drinking a fruit smoothie (with alcohol). One was good, but I couldn't have a second bottle (650 ml is plenty). Not in one sitting.

If you love raspberry, this ale is definitely one to have. Especially this year, when this may be your only way to get your raspberry fix.

Beer O'Clock rating: 3.5


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