Monday, July 6, 2015

A Summer State of Mind

While autumn is my favourite time of year, weather-wise, I have to say that summer is my favourite time for beer. It is one of the few seasons of the year when you can truly enjoy the great outdoors with a pint in your hand, on a patio, at a picnic, at a cottage, or on your front steps.

Summer is also a time of year when I look for a brew that is truly thirst-quenching and easy to drink, something that I can go to on that hot afternoon.

Summer puts me in that outdoors, beer-sipping state of mind.

And, I've found a great, easy-drinking ale for summer.
State of Mind Session IPA (4.4% ABV)
Collective Arts Brewing
Burlington, ON
Appearance: a slightly unfiltered, golden yellow with a foamy white head that settles to a fine lace.

Nose: honeyed citrus and light hops.

Palate: a light body with firm but unassertive hops and a clean finish. There is a medium, hoppy aftertaste.

Overall impression: State of Mind is a well-rounded, easy-drinking ale that goes perfectly with the summer. It has a good amount of hops without the bitterness. As with many session ales, I enjoyed drinking this beer on my front steps, often watching the sun set behind my neighbour's houses while kids played in our street.

It's that kind of neighbourhood.

This is the third beer from Collective Arts that I've had, and I have to say that not one of them has disappointed me, and any of them would make a great summer bevvy. Plus, they have the most interesting labels (and every one in a six pack is unique).

Beer O'Clock rating: 3.5


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