Thursday, July 23, 2015

Black Coal Stout

Sometimes, during the summer, with all of the session ales, wheat ales, and other light-bodied, low-alcohol beers, I tend to neglect my favourite style of beer, the good ol' stouts. Sometimes, a stout can be full-bodied and somewhat cloying, and in the heat you might overlook them for something that goes down as more thirst-quenching.

And then, you come across a dark ale that does just that.
Black Coal Stout (6% ABV)
Railway City Brewing Company
St. Thomas, ON
Appearance: motor-oil black with a foamy, taupe head that settles to a thin, espresso-brown cap.

Nose: strong, black licorice, prunes, chocolate nibs, and a hint of bourbon.

Palate: mild espresso or dark-roast coffee, burnt malts, cocoa, with a watery finish.

Overall impression: this stout starts big and finishes light, which is both positive and negative. The aroma and initial taste are intense, alluring. But because I'm still somewhat recovering from my Imperial stout binge from earlier this year, I feared that I would be tired of this ale, my taste buds blown out, before I finished a few sips of this ale.

The finish is light and drops off, and is refreshing and palate-cleansing, and it leaves me wanting to take another sip. It may seem unbalanced in this way, but it actually works.

Beer O'Clock rating: 3


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