Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tank 7

Over this summer, I've noticed that of the beer I've consumed, very little of it has come from outside Ontario, and even less has come from outside of Canada.

That's not surprising, considering that I buy the majority of my beer at the LCBO, and I go to the craft-beer section, where local beer features prominently. And if I see a new beer from a local brewery that I like, or from a local brewery with which I'm unfamiliar, I tend to pick that bottle, can, or six-pack up (my local LCBO recently started stocking 12-packs of select beer, but nothing new, and the only one that interests me is the sampler from Muskoka Brewery).

Every once and a while, though, I do cruise the aisle just behind from where the local craft beers are stocked, where the imported beer is kept. And recently, my eye caught a four-pack that was simple in design, with a simple name that stood out in big, red type.

And as I've been enjoying saisons and farmhouse ales more and more, I was sold on trying this one.
Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale (8.5% ABV)
Smokeshack Series
Boulevard Brewing Company
Kansas City, Missouri
Appearance: an unfiltered, deep gold to amber-orange, with a creamy, pale-beige head that provides a thick cap.

Nose: yeast and dough, like unbaked bread; citrus and earthy herbs.

Palate: yeast, hops, flinty minerals, and alcohol. The finish is clean, though the alcohol lingers, but not overpoweringly so.

Overall impression: I drank the first bottle of this ale without checking the ABV level. When I did check it, as I poured my second bottle, I was surprised by the high level. I did expect a higher-than-normal level, but somewhere in the range of six to seven percent. The alcohol is apparent in the taste, but it doesn't dominate the other flavours. But, because the ABV is high enough, this is an ale that you will want to enjoy when you're not planning on going anywhere.

So sit back and enjoy Tank 7. Enjoy the full flavours and the nice finish. I would drink this farmhouse ale anytime.

And I'll also check that aisle in the LCBO more often.

Beer O'Clock rating: 3.5


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