Thursday, August 27, 2015

Head Stock IPA

The first time that I tried a beer from Nickel Brook, it was their flagship brew, Naughty Neighbour. It's a great, full-bodied American Pale Ale with good hops but not too bitter flavours. I tried it at the Arrow and Loon Pub, during the first time that I read at Blog Out Loud.

I think I said, in front of a crowd, that the beer was "fucking awesome."

Since then, I've enjoyed their Maple Porter, the Bolshevik Bastard, and La Paysan Saison.

But I'm not partial to their Cause and Effect Blonde, and I really disliked their gluten-free offering.

And now, I've tried their IPA, which to me is the obnoxious neighbour to the Naughty Neighbour.
Head Stock India Pale Ale (7.0% ABV)
Nickel Brook Brewing Company
Burlington, ON
Appearance: clear, amber-orange with a foamy, off-white head that lasts as a full cap.

Nose: aromatic citrus and a slight hint of pine. I loved the bouquet.

Palate: bitter tea and tannic pepper that builds to a big, hoppy finish that brings out the alcohol. The flavour builds and the finish lasts long.

Overall impression: this is an intense IPA that seems to focus on the bitter hops and alcohol. While I loved the aromas, I found that the flavours in the mouth are more than I'd like to have. Where Naughty Neighbour is well-balanced, Head Stock is bitter and strong.

While I would recommend this IPA, I recommend it if you like an ale that is in your face. If this beer were a neighbour, it would be the one who spoke loudly, wanted to be the life of the party, but when he had too much to drink, you just wanted him to go home.

Beer O'Clock rating: 2.5


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