Thursday, August 13, 2015

All Or Nothing

I abhor violence, will never watch a boxing match. I never understood the need to cheer on as two people pound the shit out of each other. But that's me: I'm a lover, not a fighter.

When it comes to beer, however, I've noticed that there are some killer brews that have recently lined the shelves of my local LCBO (which is finally bringing in 12-packs, but that's another story), and I have found one that's a real knock-out.
Hopfenweisse (5.1% ABV)
All Or Nothing (formerly Underdogs) Brewhouse
Oshawa ON
Appearance: a murky, unfiltered apricot with a thick, creamy-white head that, together, reminded me of a Creamsicle.

Nose: also creamy, nutty, and spicy, with distinct malt and a light-citrus bouquet.

Palate: a rich body with spice; flinty and warming, with a short finish and a clean aftertaste.

Overall impression: this ale drinks like a saison for a farmer's ale--something for a late-summer evening, when the temperatures cool and the humidity drops. The four hops and three malts make it a well-balanced, easy-drinking ale.

I'm learning to appreciate wheat ales more and more: with hopfenweisses such as All Or Nothing, I'll be a convert in no time. While I didn't slam this beer down, I find it a real hit.

Beer O'Clock rating: 4


Editor's note: on December 1, 2015, Underdogs Brewhouse changed it's name to All Or Nothing Brewhouse. I updated the post, accordingly.

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