Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pengo Pally

I may live in Ontario, but my beer tastes are international. And though the LCBO seems to favour Ontario, I am always looking out for beer that comes from other reaches of our great country. And while my latest finding is still brewed in Ontario, its ingredients come from the Arctic.

Bush Pilot Brewing Company makes its beer at another great brewery, Nickel Brook, in Burlington, Ontario. But its inspiration for its latest creation comes from legendary Inuk bush pilot, Johnny May. His plane, named Pengo Pally—Inuktitut for I miss you—is the name of this saison, that features the Arctic herbs, crowberry and Labrador tea, which were picked in Nunavik.

Enough of what I read off the label: let's get to the beer.
Pengo Pally Saison (6.5% ABV)
Bush Pilot Brewing Company/Nickel Brook Brewing
Burlington ON
Appearance: cloudy, deep, dried-apricot orange that reveals an effervescent storm that swirls in the glass—I wouldn't want to fly through that! An active, foamy, cloud-like head pours thick—I believe in aviation terms, it's a cloud with a high ceiling—and takes a while to settle in the glass. It's a slow pour to fill your glass.

Nose: candied pear, banana, and yeast.

Palate: more banana, spiced fruit, and pepper. There's also a little something that I couldn't put my finger on, like a fruity grass. These flavours, no doubt, come from the Arctic herbs.

Overall impression: this is a great farmhouse ale—earthy, fruity, and well-balanced. I wish that the alcohol level was lower so that I could enjoy more than one bottle in a single sitting. To that effect, think of it as a one-way flight, rather than a round trip. That's my of saying that if you drink one bottle, don't drive.

Or fly.

Beer O'Clock rating: 4


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