Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Last month, I reviewed a wonderful stout from New Zealand, the first beer that I've ever had from that land far, far away.

When I saw that the LCBO had another offering from this brewery, I had to have it.
Elemental Porter Ale (6% ABV)
Renaissence Brewing Company
Marlborough, New Zealand
Beer O'Clock rating: 3/5
Colour: dark, chocolate brown with a foamy, deep taupe head.

Nose: dark chocolate and prunes.

Palate: raisin, dark-toasted espresso, cocoa powder, with a sharp, bitter, cedar finish.

Overall impression: I found that the hops in this ale are sharp and powerful, compared with the creaminess of its fellow stout. I found this was a good porter, but for me it was a little too powerful. I did, however, love the chocolate notes.

For me, this porter is good, but not great. I would drink it again (I do have a second bottle) but I don't know that I would seek it out again. I'm happy for the experience.


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