Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Something Extra Special

Mill Street has many seasonal beers on tap at the moment. So many, I find, that it's hard to choose one to drink because of the fear of missing out on the others.

That said, there is one seasonal that you should not miss out on.
Father John Extra Special Bitter
Mill Street Brew Pub
Ottawa, ON
ABV: 6.3%
Beer O'Clock rating: 4.5
Appearance: clear, deep amber with a creamy, beige head that thins but lingers.

Nose: creamy malts with light, candied citrus and orange rind.

Palate: orange, full-bodied hops, spices (cumin?); a bitter, caramel finish.

Overall impression: this is a bold ESB. I first had it at the Ottawa Mill Street Brew Pub and I loved it right away (and not just because head brewer, Adam Rader, was sitting with me). This ale warms the soul on a cold winter's day.

It's available in growlers and 750 ml bottles from the brew pub's shop. Grab some to take home. That way, you can still enjoy the other seasonals at the bar.

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