Monday, June 24, 2013

Beer and Gourmet Food

Beer and food always go together. There's nothing I love better than enjoying some excellent craft beer with a good burger, or pizza, or steak.

But when really good beer is paired with gourmet food, I'm in absolute heaven.

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending another Brewmaster's Dinner at Mill Street, and once again, my favourite brew pub surpassed all expectations.

From the wild boar amuse bouche, to the rack of lamb, to the "beervertail" dessert, I savoured all of the flavours.

As expected, the beer was great. Though not all of the beers were my preferred style, they were all delicious with the food pairings. My favourite of the evening, Tankenstein, is a hopped-up version of my favourite ale, Tankhouse.

There was also a bonus bevvy: a schnaps, made by Mill Street in Toronto, that was made with some of their Frambozen Raspberry Wheat Ale. On the nose, you could catch a faint sniff of raspberry... if you used your imagination and sniffed with your mouth open. On the palate, the 45-percent alcohol pretty much blows your taste buds away. But it was a great experience. I'd be curious to compare this schnaps with their Cobblestone and Tankhouse ales.

The host of the evening, Mill Street Brewmaster, Joel Manning, was entertaining as always, enlightening with stories about what went behind the creation of these brews and some education about what makes those beers so special.

I'm not going to review the beer I drank nor the food I ate. The overall experience rates a 5: I will continue to go to these dinners as often as I can and I highly recommend that you come out as well, if you haven't already.

I will leave you with a visual recap of the evening. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or both, you've seen most of these images.

My thanks goes to the kind and generous folks at Mill Street for making this a memorable dinner. See you at your next one, in September!


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