Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Favourite Spot is Expanding

It's no secret: I love Mill Street beer and I love their brew pub in Ottawa. The beer is flavourful and satisfying, and the pub is in a gorgeous location, has a warm and inviting interior, had great food, and the staff is outstanding. I'm privileged to call some of the folks there friends.

In the coming weeks, the restaurant will be expanding, adding a unique, intimate setting for private functions. They call it, The Ruins.

The other day, I was invited to check out the progress of the space, which is below the restaurant and brewery, in an open area just by the river. While there were no fixtures or appliances yet there, I was blown away by the view. The rock outcrops, the dam that emits a waterfall, the high stone walls, the sound of the flowing river.

It is spectacular.

I mean, where can you enjoy a dining experience in a historic setting and watch a heron perched nearby?

I thought I would share some of what I saw. (I know, this is not a beer review. But I hope to sit down here one evening and sample one of Adam's new creations.)


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