Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Me, Getting Some Sweet Action

If that's not a title to turn you away from my blog, nothing is.

But that's exactly what I got when I visited New York City a week and a half ago. A four-pack of an ale that is part pale, part wheat, and part cream, as the brewery describes. I couldn't quite identify the style as I drank it, so I had to discover it through the brewery's Web site. The can it came in wasn't offering any insight.

But let's take a look together.
Sweet Action (5.2 ABV)
Sixpoint Craft Ales
Brooklyn, NY
Beer O'Clock rating: 4
Appearance: a slightly cloudy, orange-amber colour with a whitish, creamy head that maintains a solid cap through most of the session.

Nose: a malty orange cream that is a little candied, with a hint of spice.

Palate: slightly sweet and hoppy, a perfect balance of malt and hops with a solid body. The hops continue through to the finish, leaving almost an orange pekoe tea flavour. The finish is clean.

Overall impression: this is a highly quaffable ale. The balance of malts and hops gives some sweet flavours but it finishes dry. This is a thoroughly enjoyable ale.

Unfortunately, I am unable to get this beer in Ottawa, so I may have to return to The Big Apple. I didn't visit the brewery itself, but found this pale-wheat-cream ale, along with other Sixpoint offerings, at the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle.

Next time, I'm going to the brewery and I'm coming back with not only armfuls of Sweet Action, but other Sixpoint suds.

If you are able to get this beer where you live, I envy you. You're getting more Action than I am. And it's Sweet.

(I'll stop now, but end with a Vine video of me getting my Sweet Action.)


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